OneNote for iPhone

Today's big news is that Microsoft has released a OneNote app for the iPhone.  Here's what we know about it so far...

  • It's only available in selected countries for now. U.S., Canada and U.K., for sure. A few others as well.  Other international sites will be rolled out gradually to keep up with demand.
  • It's free for a limited time.  No official announcement of how long that will be.
  • You can create notes on it and sync those notes with your OneNote notebooks on SkyDrive.
  • There is no support for ink or tables - either creating or viewing - in the iPhone app.
  • It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch as long as they have IOS 4.02 or later.
  • It does let you use note tags.
  • It does let you insert pictures into your notes via the iPhone camera

You can get it now, from the iTunes store.

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