Microsoft OneNote 2010 - Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Office 2010 Service Pack 1 and it includes a lot of fixes and updates for Microsoft OneNote and even a couple of new minor features.  Here's a summary of some of the most important ones.

Open From Web

Microsoft OneNote 2010 SP1 adds a new "Open from web" button on the File | Open menu. TShis makes it a lot easier to open a notebook from your Windows SkyDrive that you didn't already have open in OneNote.

Before you had to go to your browser, navigated to SkyDrive, selected the notebook you wanted to open and chosen "Open in OneNote". You can still do that if you want to, but "Open from web" should be a little easier.

Better Sharing

The File | Share menu now includes "Share on Web" or "Share on Network" which makes it a little easier to share locally stored notebooks.

Also there are performance improvements for those of you sharing or storing notebooks on SharePoint servers across slow networks.

SkyDrive Improvements

SP1 includes a number of fixes for SkyDrive users including:

  • Improvements in synchronization - faster and more reliable, especially for Windows 7 and Vista users.
  • OneNote now uses Windows Live Essentials to log on to SkyDrive - that should make the logon experience more consistent and more reliable. If you've had issues with that, especially if you have multiple SkyDrive accounts, you should find that this helps.
  • Better, more detailed, error messages for troubleshooting any remaining SkyDrive issues you encounter.
  • When you first open OneNote it offers to create your first notebook for you either locally or on SkyDrive. There is now a registry value (DisableSkydriveSetupOnFirstBoot) that you can set that will turn that feature off and force the first notebook to be created locally.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010 SP1 can now open and/or sync notebooks on SkyDrive that have any of the following characters in their name: , ",", &, %, #, ~, +

Ink and Spacing

One issue that has plagued OneNote users for a while is the unpredictable (or undesireable) movement of ink and other objects when you insert space above them. OneNote 2010 SP1 includes a number of fixes to make ink and other objects more stable when you insert space.

Also an issue where ink would sometimes move unexpectedly when you shared a notebook has been fixed.

Search Improvements

OneNote 2010 SP1 will now corrrectly highlight items within the search results, including when you search for text located inside a multipage XPS file.

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