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Our objective at this site is to give you resources, articles and links to help law firms, attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and others get the most out of Microsoft's Office suite.  We'll talk about all of the current versions of Microsoft Office including Office 2010.  If there is a product that we're not covering that you'd like us to, please feel free to drop us a line at webmaster@officeforlawyers.com.

In addition to Microsoft Office, lawyers may benefit from software for managing contacts, billing and legal hold processes.

How to Disable Java in the Chrome Browser

Oracle's Java scripting language has been particularly vulnerable to attack lately. To help protect yourself, here's how you can disable Java in Google's Chrome browser. Read more...

Using OneNote with SharePoint

An article from our friends over at OneNote-Tips.com on how to share your notebooks with your team via SharePoint. Read More...

Excel Basics - Cell Referencing

One of the skills you really need to have to be good at Excel is the ability to reference other cells or ranges of cells, even if they're on other worksheets or in other workbooks. Here's how to do it. Read more...

OneNote in One Hour!OneNote in One Hour

My newest book, "OneNote in One Hour" is now available from the ABA. If you've got Office 2010 you've already got OneNote and you may not be getting all you can from this powerful tool.

It's also available as an eBook for your iPad, iPhone or other iBooks client. Click here to get it from the iTunes store.

OneNote Mobile for Android

Microsoft has at long last shipped the much awaited OneNote Mobile for Android! It's available in the Google Android Market now for a couple of dozen countries. Read More...

Microsoft Office Training For Your Firm

Yes, Ben Schorr *IS* available to come to your firm and do Outlook, OneNote and Office training.  And yes, we can do it remotely as well if you'd prefer that.  For more information give him a call at 808-782-6306 or e-mail him at bens@rolandschorr.com.

Check Your Social Media Security...

Do you know how many applications you've given access to your Twitter or Facebook profiles? This page gives you quick access to the tools that will tell you (and help you fix it). Read More...

The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2010 is NOW Available!

The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2010The latest edition of my books on Microsoft Outlook is now available from the ABA. 240 pages of tips, tricks and resources to help you get the most from Microsoft Outlook. 

AND...it's also now available on your iPad, iPhone or iBooks client as an eBook. Click here for the eBook.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

Hate to take your hands off the keyboard? Here are some nifty keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel that will help you be more efficient. Read more...



Microsoft Ships Office 2007 Service Pack 3

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

Office Suite Licensing - Microsoft vs. Corel (New)

Confused about which version of Microsoft Office or Corel WordPerfect X5 Office to buy? Retail? OEM? Volume License?  Read more...

How to Add a 2nd (or 3rd!) E-mail Address to Your Office365 Account

You might want to have more than one e-mail address (Different spellings of your name? Info@?) assinged to the same mailbox in Office365. If so...read more...

Customizing the Order of your Outlook Address Books

Not something you do every day, but if you'd rather Outlook check the Global Address List instead of Contacts (or vice-versa) here's how to do it. Click here...

"The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2010" is now available! The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2010

Fresh from the printers, it's available NOW!...CLICK HERE

The new edition is completely updated for Word 2010 and goes into even more depth on using styles and paragraph numbering among many other features.

It's also available for your iPad, iPhone or iBooks client as an eBook! Click here to find it on the iTunes store...

Dropbox and Google and MobileMe Oh My...

Thinking about hosting your files on a web file syncing service? You should consider it carefully before proceeding. Read More...

June 28th, 2011 - Microsoft Releases Office 2010 Service Pack 1

We're getting together our resources for Microsoft Office 2010 SP1. Read all about it here...

How Can I Get Rid Of Those Green Squiggles in Word?!

Grammar checking got you seeing red? You can turn if off if you want to...Read More

"My Mailbox Is Full! What Do I Do?!?"

A surprisingly oft-asked question, what to do when Outlook tells you that you're exceeding your mailbox quota...Read More

Doubling Up With Dual Monitors

Dual monitors can be a great way to work, this article explains a bit more about what you need to make it happen. Read more...

Doing Backups Right

If your data is important then your backups are important.  Here's how to do them right. Read More...

Mistakes Lawyers Make With Microsoft Word

The first article in what will hopefully become a series, adapted from my "Lawyer's Guide" books. This article talks about accidentally overwriting an old version of a document with a new one.  Read More...

Using System Restore to Troubleshoot Your Computer

If Microsoft Windows or some of your applications go wonky on you, sometimes you can use the built-in System Restore tool to get things working properly again.  Read more...

All About Microsoft Office Product Keys

Got a question about what the product key is or how to find it?  Here you go...

How to Repair Microsoft Office

When things go bad with Microsoft Office, as they occasionally do, a repair installation can sometimes right the ship.  Read More...

"May I See Your License"?

A blog post from Roland Schorr and Tower that dispels some myths about Microsoft Office licensing, especially for small to medium sized offices. Read More...

The Lawyer's Guide to...

Author Ben M. Schorr gets interviewed at the Microsoft MVP Summit about the Lawyer's Guide books...Click here to watch the video.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows

A new article has been featuring some basic troubleshooting tips for Windows.  I'll be updating it over the next week or so to add my favorite tips for making Windows run better.  Read it here...

OneNote and Outlook...A Marriage Made in Redmond

Read our new article about using Outlook and OneNote together.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love all over again! (Well, maybe not.)

Spring Cleaning for Your Inbox

By popular request I've added an article on how to get on top of a mailbox that seems overwhelming.  One user I spoke with had more than 34,000 items in his Inbox!  We got him cleaned up (eventually) though and we can help you too.  Here's the first article to get you started....

The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2007

Ben M. Schorr's "The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2007" is now available for order from the ABA or from Amazon.comLawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2007Click here for more information.

This book will help smooth the transition from Word 2003 (or earlier versions) to Word 2007 with the Ribbon, explains some of the nuances of metadata, talks about formatting documents and using styles, tricks and tips for printing and collaboration and more in 234 hopefully easy-to-read pages.

The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007 - ORDER NOW!

You can now order your copy of Ben M. Schorr's "The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007" from the American Bar Association.  CLICK HERE 

The book has made the ABA's "Summer Reading List" and gotten very positive reviews from a number of bar associations across the country.

The Outlook 2007 book is also now available via Amazon.com!

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    The Top Questions:

    • "What versions of Office are supported on Windows 7?"  Office 2002 (AKA "Office XP") 2003, 2007 & 2010 are, actually.  BUT...2002 is in "extended support" so there aren't going to be any new fixes released for them.  For more.
    • "There are like a million different Office Suites again?  Which should I buy?"  Actually there are 3 that the average user/buyer should be concerned about and a good comparison of them can be found here.
    • How many different computers can I install Office 2010 on?  Depends a bit on which version of Office you have and whether you bought it retail or got it with your computer.  Generally speaking the retail license allows you to install on one desktop and one portable computer for the SAME USER.  In other words you've got a desktop on your desk at work and a laptop you use to travel with - you can install on both.  That does NOT mean you can install it on your laptop and your assistant's desktop - that would be two users.  To be sure read the End User License Agreement (EULA) that came with your software.  If you don't have the paper copy anymore go to Help | About in the application and you should find it there. The OEM version (the kind that comes WITH the computer) can only be installed on the same computer you bought it with.  NOTE: The licensing for Home and Student Edition is a little different; I believe it allows install on 3 machines and because it factors in parents/kids it may allow more than one user.  Again, read the EULA. 

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    • Office for iPad rumored in 2012. Key word: rumored.

    • Microsoft has made several updates to the Office Web Apps. Read more...

    • Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 has been released to the public.

    • Ribbon Hero 2 ships to help you learn the new UI

    • Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac has shipped!

    • The Office 2010 IT Blog has launched.  Read it here...

    • Office 2010 comes in 32 and 64-bit versions.

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